Wooden toys

Our products contain wooden hand-made toys that arouse imagination, senses and creativeness. Wooden, simple form toys keep the children closer to natural environment, inspire their inner sense of beauty and art, and rouse the feeling of the aesthetics. These are educable toys and puzzles that develop motor, coordination skills, logical intellection.
Toys are oiled with an environmentally-friendly compound of beeswax and linseed or painted with a suitable for children toys water base Allendo Pulverbeize.

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Wooden toys

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Moon and kitten

Moon and kitten ZK01

It is a "go-to-sleep" toy. Hung over the bed the toy compels child’s attention. At the day time kitten can go for a walk; by the night time kitten climbs up to the moon – it means that it’s a time to sleep for a child too.

Wood: birch
Size: 0,5 X 12 X 10 cm

From 3 years.

"Hedgehog" ZK02

A "hedgehog" – wooden sticks must be fixed to the hole-riddled board. Exercises children motor skills.

Wood: birch
Board: 14 X 19 cm
Sticks: from 5 to 7 cm (Ø 1,3)

Under 3 years.
Juniper rollers

Tongs and juniper rollers ZK03

This is a play that develops child’s motor skills. The play requires accuracy of movements, so exercises coordination. Rollers are being picked up by tongs and can be set each time in a different way – composing a tower or carrying all rollers to a chosen place. Juniper rollers can be also used in other games, for example for "coins" playing the shop.

Wood: birch, juniper
Rollers: from 3 to 4 cm
Tongs: 0,5 X 20 X 2 cm

From 3 years.
Geometric figures

Geometric figures ZK04

The basic geometric figures. Help children to develop their ability to recognise colours and simple geometrical shapes.

Wood: birch
Size: 2 X 30 X 15 cm

From 3 years.
Geometric figures

Geometric figures ZK05

The basic geometric figures. Playing with these figures exercises children motor skills; they learn about basic forms and colors.

Wood: birch
Size: 2 X 12 X 12 cm

From 3 years.

Train ZK06

Train-locomotive and trailing carriages. The proper amount of carriages can be chosen.
Once they have learned to walk, children onjoy pulling things along behind them. Train can be painted or oiled.

Wood: birch, ash
One part size: 2 X 10 X 6 cm

From 3 years.

Car ZK10

Wood: elm, birch
Size: 1,5 X 13 X 6 cm
Log truck

Log truck ZK12

Wood: birch
Size: 1,5 X 27 X 6 cm
Traukinukas su vardu

Moose on buggy ZK11

Wood: elm, birch
Size: 15 X 9 cm
Donkey on buggy

Donkey on buggy ZK14

Wood: alder
Size: 1,5 X 15 X 9 cm
Hare on buggy

Hare on buggy ZK15

Wood: alder
Size: 1,5 X 12 X 13 cm
Horse on buggy

Horse on buggy ZK16

Wood: alder
Size: 1,5 X 12 X 15 cm

Goat ZK21

Wood: alder
Size: 1,5 X 10 X 8 cm
Goat on buggy

Goat on buggy ZK23

Wood: alder
Size: 1,5 X 12 X 10 cm
Elephant on buggy

Elephant on buggy ZK24

Wood: alder
Size: 1,5 X 12 X 13 cm
Duck on buggy

Duck on buggy ZK25

Wood: alder
Size: 1,5 X 11 X 12 cm
Catch an elephant

Catch an elephant ZK13

It's a fun game for children and adults. The selected distance thrown rings on the elephant. The winner is the most direct!

Wooden elephant and 3 rope rings (Ø 22 cm).

Wood: alder
Size: 15 X 40 cm
Little horse

Little horse ZK17

Wood: alder
Size: 1,5 X 10 X 10 cm
Little bunny

Little bunny ZK26

Little bunny.

Wood: alder
Size: 1,5 X 10 X 8 cm

Pistol ZK27

This pistol loaded by elastic band. Sage for children from 3 years old.

Wood: alder, birch
Size: 2 X 13 X 27 cm